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Ardex Endura EPOXY GROUT


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Resin based grout

DESCRIPTION EPOXY GROUT is hygienic, hard-wearing, impervious, 3 component epoxide resin-based grout with a high degree of resistance to chemical attack, abrasion and impact. The cured grout does not transfer taints to food products, prevents the entry of bacteria or dirt and is easily maintained in a sterile condition. EPOXY GROUT is designed for grouting glazed tiles, mosaic, vitrified and fully vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, industrial tiles, granites, marbles & other natural stones etc.

COLOURS Available in range of colours. Note׃ Please contact ARDEX ENDURA Sales representative for more details on the available range of colour.

FEATURES • Hygienic and chemical resistant • Stain and bacterial resistant • Provides high strength and durable joints • Suitable for submerged conditions • Easy to be cleaned from tiled surface • Suitable for joint width of 1 – 12 mm • For interior & exterior use • Available in range of colours • Conforms to the Overall Migration Standards laid down in 21 CFR 175 – 300 (April 1, 2011) of US – FDA for intended use for contact with aqueous food products • Exceeds EN 13888 requirements

COVERAGE Consumption depend on joint width, size of tiles

PACK SIZE 1 kg & 5 kg

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