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FLEX WHITE Two component, white, flexible tile/stone adhesive for wood & metal surface

DESCRIPTION Two-part, white adhesive comprising of rubber-based powder and water based polymer liquid. Flexible adhesive for use in areas where tiling is likely to be subjected to some limited background movement or vibration, especially wood, plywood & metal surface. PERFORMANCE Suitable for fixing at 2 - 10mm bed thickness wall and floor tiles, glass mosaics, vitrified tiles and natural/engineered stones in interior and exterior installations, including swimming pools. Also suitable for use on floors subjected to light traffic conditions, but bed thickness must not to exceed 10mm. No traffic should be allowed on the floor for at least 24 hours after completion of tiling. With dense or impervious surfaces, drying-out and setting time of the adhesive may be delayed. FEATURES Ÿ High performance flexible adhesive Ÿ Suitable for wood & metal surface Ÿ High tensile strength Ÿ Water and frost resistant Ÿ Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations Ÿ Suitable for submerged conditions

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Substrate Preparation Before starting any work ensure that the base is: Ÿ Sufficiently flat to permit the specified flatness of finished tiling, bearing in mind the permissible minimum & maximum thickness of the bedding material. Ÿ Suitable for tiling in the service conditions to which it will be exposed. Ÿ Free from efflorescence, laitance, dirt and other loose material. Remove thoroughly by dry brushing. Ÿ Clean all tile and other non-porous surfaces with water containing detergent, then with clean water and allowed to dry

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