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LATICRETE® 252 Ag SILVER Thin-set Adhesive


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High polymer modified thinset adhesive for fixing tiles and stone on interior and exterior floor & wall.

Designed especially for interior and exterior floor and wall installations of all types of ceramic tile, vitreous, semi-vitreous tile, glass mosaic tiles, precast terrazzo, engineered stone floors and natural stones over concrete and on a variety of substrates. Good underwater shear bond allows this product to be used for wet areas like swimming pools, sauna, water bodies and wash rooms. Can also be used as slurry bond adhesive in wet on wet applications, tile on tile applications.

• Concrete & Concrete Masonry • VDF / Tremix Concrete • Cement Mortar Beds • Cement Plaster • Ceramic tile, Vitrified Tile and Natural Stone • Glass mosaic tile • Brick Masonry • Cement Backer Board** • Cement Terrazzo • Calcium Silicate Board** • Gypsum Wallboard** **Consult the backer board manufacturer's data sheet for the specific recommendations and load bearing capacity of specific board intended for

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